What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery is a process where digital data, files and folders, are recovered from a hard drive or other storage device (USB Key, SSD, Memory Card etc).

Recovered data is retrieved and stored on another hard drive. Once the retrieval process is completed, it is then copied back to the original hard drive (or other) and return. If the original source is damaged or in process of failing, then another storage device is used.

In most cases, nearly all files can be retrieved. Though this can depend on various factors: is the storage device physically damaged? How long has the storage device been used since deletion? Has the drive been formatted since? Has the storage device been wiped? Is/Was the storage device encrypted?

What is the Cost of Data Recovery?

A minimum fee of 40.00€ TTC is charged to determine whether the data can be recovered (such as checking if the storage device is physically damaged beyond recovery).
If the recovery process can continiue, then cost can vary depending on time required, any parts required (such as a replacement storage device) etc.
At every step of the process we will inform the client and keep them up to speed with any costs for the recovery. If at any point they decide to stop, then we will return the storage device(s) and charge only for the cost up to that point.

What Data can be Recovered?

Nearly all types of files from photos to documents can be recovered during the process. The folder structure cannot be guaranteed during the recovery process due to how the data is stored on the device.

When can Data be Recovered?

Formatted hard drive, Deleted files, Overwritten file, Virus, Malware…
In most cases we can retrieve the data.

One very important thing to remember when you discover you have lost files, STOP using the storage device IMMEDIATELY!! Shut down the device and siconnect the power. This increases the chances of data recovery.

Please Note, if the storage device is encrypted and you have forgotten the password, this can be nearly impossible to retrieve any data from (part of the idea behind encrypted data!).

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